Saturday, June 12, 2010

A Man in Training

A couple of weeks ago, I was getting Kati Ann dressed, Kie was screaming and Jared was shaving. So, Jared stepped in and took Kie. He took him into the bathroom with him and all I knew is that it got quiet in there. I didn't go look for quite a while because I was taking advantage of the quiet to get some things done but when I went back into the bathroom this is what I saw. Jared had put Kie next to the toilet and turned the vent fan on above him. It quieted him down and he went to sleep. My first thought was "Jared is a genius!" and my second thought was how appropriate that Jared would teach his son to fall asleep by the toilet!! Boys love "bathroom talk", etc. Jared is starting him early!
This has actually become a popular spot for me to put him to get a shower!


kaw said...

my kids would fall asleep to the hair dryer. no telling how dangerous it is to leave your hair dryer going for 30 minutes, but also no telling how many times i did it!!! so much can be done in that time. we need to play soon!

Funderstorm said...

LOVE it...We used the dryer! Not IN it!!! ON IT. When the Prince was a baby welived in an old house where the W/D setup was in the kitchen...I got ALOT done!