Saturday, June 19, 2010

A Funny

picture Jared took at Starbucks of KA sitting across from him

So, Jared likes to take Kati Ann on "trips." These trips usually just involve a little getting out the house for 30 minutes or so to give me a little relief. Today, Jared told Kati Ann they were going on a "trip." She was quite excited (as usual). They headed to Starbuck's and had a little date together.
They got back in the car and
KA asked Jared: "Where are we going on our trip, Daddy?"
Jared: "Our trip was to Starbuck's"
KA: "Daddy, coffee is NOT a trip!"



Do they get any cuter than that!
I love her little hair cut.
With a face like that I know she has to be just as sweet.

Gina said...

Bobbie Ann -

Oh. my. goodness. gracious!!! How in the world are you? I'm so glad you commented on my blog - I can't believe you have 2 children and live in Alabama! Your 2 little gifts are beautiful and you look exactly the same -- but even cuter! So great to hear from you, I'm glad I can keep in touch now!

Love to you!