Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Mickey Kiss

So, I've recently taught Kati Ann what an "Eskimo Kiss" is. She thinks its great to rub our noses back and forth and she loves to do that with Kie as well.
Around this same time, Kati Ann has gotten interested in Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on the Disney Channel. Somewhere in all this she began referring to "Eskimo kisses" as "Mickey kisses"
It is quite sweet when she asks you for a "Mickey Kiss" or tells me that she gave Kie a "Mickey Kiss".
I want so much to remember all of these funny things she says when I know she'll outgrow them and call things the "right thing"

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Anonymous said...

Cracks me up!!
Your blog reminded me that I had not shown Reagan how to do a "butterfly" kiss. SO I showed him and while I was at it reminded him about the "Eskimo" kiss. He laughed and then asked in his cutest little boy voice, "mommy how do you do a frog kiss?"
OK BA this is what little boys want. They don't care about butterflies, they like frogs! ha
SO when I can come up with a way that frogs kiss, I'll let you know so little Kie can know some day too. haha
Love you-