Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Current Stats

Kie has been to the doctor twice since being born and is growing like a little weed. Here are the stats we have so far:
April 27, 2010: 8 lbs 4oz, 20 inches long
May 4, 2010: 8 lbs 3 oz, 21 inches long
May 12, 2010: 9 lbs 4 oz, 21 3/4 inches long


Jenna said...

What a cutie! Glad he is doing so well. Kati Ann looked so cute in her picture...I love the bows...I have a little problem with bow envy sometimes!:)

Andress said...

He is so handsome! Can't wait to meet him but LOVE seeing pics in the mean time. Love you!

Anonymous said...

He is adorable!!
It is funny how a boy can steal a momma's heart! Later he will have more energy than you think you can handle, but there will always be something about a boy.
We are proud of you guys your doing a great job with those kiddos!

Funderstorm said...

Mercy! Blink and he'll be 15! LOL.
BTW, I've been meaning to tell you that the other day our Prince spouted out a scripture that I didn't know that he knew. He stopped and thought about it and said..."I learned that at Special Forces."

Girlfriend that was some 3+ years ago. Thank the Lord for Jared and the impact he has on young ones. We do.

Funderstorm said...

I see so much of you in his face!