Tuesday, May 18, 2010

8 Years Ago

Today, 8 years ago, Jared & I stood before our friends, family and God and promised to love, encourage, support and share our lives together in marriage and ministry as long as we both shall live. Every year that passes is special but Jared and I have recently been constantly reminded how blessed we are to have a marriage we enjoy along with fruits of our love evidenced through Kati Ann and Kie. Its been fun for me to replay that day in my head as I remember so well what an amazing day it was. We are blessed with a heritage of godly couples that have modeled marriages that we have learned from. We have been shown an example of commitment, love, self-sacrifice along with lots of laughter! I look forward to many years to come growing old with my very best friend.

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Funderstorm said...

Was there ever a more beautiful bride? You are stunning!