Friday, April 16, 2010

A Rare Jewel

I consider it a rare treasure to find a group of ladies that come from different backgrounds, a range of ages and different lives and bond in a special way. That is what I've had the privilege of experiencing this year with my Bible Study group. I attend a Bible Study at a different church than the one we serve on staff with. I do this for two reasons: first, there is no titles behind my name at this church and second because its the church that my good friend, Kim attends and we get to be together at Bible Study whereas we have a hard time getting together otherwise. This is my second year to be part of this Bible Study. Each year you are assigned a different group. This year's group has been really special as we have shared openly about what is going on in our lives as well as really interceding on each other's behalves.
We laugh and cry together as well as open God's Word together each week. It is truly one of the highlights of my week and I consider myself to be so blessed to have crossed paths with these precious ladies.

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