Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Last Date Night with just the Two of Them

Last night was my monthly Bunco night with the girls. Jared & Kati Ann love Bunco nights because they go on "dates". They usually try out some eatery they haven't tried before. Last night they tried a Mexican food place I had never heard of and then went to pick out flowers for the flower bed. Kati Ann has been wanting to plant "purple flowers" in our "garden" so they had fun shopping for flowers. They finished the night with Kati Ann getting a bubble bath! She thought it was great.
I reminded Jared before I left that this would be their last Bunco date night just the two of them. By the time I go to Bunco again there will be three of them going on a date!

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Jenna said...

So sweet! I have to be honest and say that reading about a Daddy and daughter kind of pulls at my heart strings! I am so thankful for my boys and would never change it but I do have a little "girl envy" at times. I am thinking of you in these last few weeks and I know how painful the end of pregnancy can be. I can't wait to see pictures of little Kie! Blessings!