Saturday, February 20, 2010

Pondering the Blessings God has given Us

I knew I would have something to blog following this weekend because this is the weekend I had one of my annual big events with my 5th & 6th graders and Kati Ann got to spend about 24 hours with Charlotte & Darren, some of her favorite people. However, as I went through the 245 pictures that Charlotte took in the less than 24 hours that Kati Ann stayed her I was struck with how blessed we are.
We never could have imagined when we left Nacogdoches, TX, where we had some of the the sweetest friends that we truly loved, that God would supply people in Huntsville, AL that would show us God's love in such an amazing way. One way that blesses me so much is the way our sweet brothers and sisters in Christ love on our child. Could I have imagined that moving so far from Kati Ann's grandparents and aunts and uncle (that love her dearly) that God would provide people that would dote on her and treat her like the granddaughter or niece that she really isn't? I could not have. Not because I didn't believe God could do it but I just never thought about it.
Charlotte and Darren are amazing...from the pictures you will see that in a short 24 hours Kati Ann drew pictures on the sidewalk, was introduced to half the instruments in the marching band, played on the playground and had a clown come visit her! A note on the clown that I want to add is how God further displayed his love through Mrs. Angela aka Doo Lolly. Mrs. Angela has loved on Kati Ann since she was tiny. She and Charlotte both work on the support staff at our church and Angela "clowns" on the side. She had told me she was doing a clowning gig last night and she was going to come help out with my event after she was done. However, she forgot to mention that she was stopping by to visit Kati Ann before she came to help me.
She did not have to do that but what a blessing to know how much our child is loved beyond what Jared & I can give her. Enjoy the pictures of Kati Ann's adventures at Charlotte & Darren's.


Funderstorm said...

I completely understand. That's one of the sweetest blessings God has given us..."family" within our church family. Everywhere we have lived...they have become family members. So glad to know you have that. It makes such a difference in the lives of our children...helps them to become well-rounded.

Anonymous said...

So good to know you guys are being taken care of! Sad that it is not us that get to watch her grow up, but I know God has you right where he wants you. I could not ask for more! Hugs to all, even the little man.

Derek Edwards said...

That clown is my mommy!!