Friday, August 14, 2009

Real Estate Rollercoaster

So, I posted a while back that we were moving to a house that we have built. Fortunately, when we began the process of building we added a contingency to the contract that our house had to sell in order for us to buy the other house. Our house was under contract and I was already packing. Jared & I have both prayed fervently that God would direct our steps and we didn't want to live in the house if it wasn't God's plan.
So, we continue on the Real Estate Rollercoaster...
We were "told" that the contract fell through exactly one week ago and today found out that it has not fallen through. The contract was contingent on inspection which the buyer had done and we've agreed to fix everything they asked. However, the buyer thought she didn't have to buy our house because of what the inspection showed. However, the contract states that if we agreed to fix everything she was legally bound to buy our house. We find ourselves in a precarious situation. We don't want to force anyone to buy our house. However, there has been some "funny" business with the buyer's realtor and we don't want to be taken advantage of just because we're nice.
So, we've been told to consider ourselves still in a binding contract. The buyer was going to be informed today that she was still legally bound to purchase our house. So, we're just riding the Real Estate Rollercoaster to see where it lands us! Please be in prayer that we will be wise and obedient to God's leading in our lives.

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