Friday, July 24, 2009

Slowing Down to Pick Back Up!

This has been a pretty normal aka busy summer for us! There has been Bible School, 2 Camps, multiple trips to Jackson, MS, a trip to Texas and a mission trip all within a 2 month span. It has been a wonderful summer but we will be glad to slow down so we can move. That's right...we've built a new house and sold our house just in time to move into the new house by the end of August. There will soon be boxes, tape and no clue where anything is! I hope to do better than I have this summer documenting our lives. At least we'll all be in the same house and town for a while!


SLK said...

Oh my gosh...I have missed your blog updates. It was like no one was ever updating anymore.

Funderstorm said...

Need help?

Wish I could.

Can't wait to see some pics.

Missing much.

Anonymous said...

I have so been thinking about you. How is the house coming along? I miss you guys.