Saturday, May 2, 2009

Being 2 is Great!

May 1 was officially Kati Ann's 2nd birthday! How fun to have a 2 year old that is beginning to "get" the idea of a birthday. She may not understand what it means to have a birthday but she certainly understands that it means cake, a fun song that everyone sings to her & lots of attention! She thinks birthdays are about the best!
We were blessed to get to be in Texas for a wedding on her 2nd birthday so she got to celebrate with both sets of grandparents and even her great-grandparents in Bryan! So she got TWO cakes and TWO parties for a sweet, fun TWO year old!


Bonnie said...

Happy Birthday KA! :) I didnt know yall would be in Bryan! We should get together the next time yall come !!

SLK said...

Happy Birthday! Are the two's really terrible? I bet they won't be with such a sweet girl like Kati Ann!

Funderstorm said...

Let the FUN begin... Is that Miss Cowee I see in the pic...I can't tell?

Happy birthday precious girl.

Jenna said...

Happy Birthday to Kati Ann! Time goes by so fast! Glad she had a good day! How are ya'll doing?

Anonymous said...

It was wonderful getting to see you guys. Kati Ann is getting so big. She is just beautiful! Thanks for stopping in.

Anonymous said...

Who is that fun aunt she is sitting with? I had so much fun with y'all that weekend, and I look forward to your next visit to Texas!