Sunday, March 29, 2009

Minnie Billie

We've now enjoyed about 3 weeks with our sweet new puppy that is at this point probably having an identity crisis. Her first name was Mindy but we changed it the first day to Minnie. However, Kati Ann insists her name is Billie! So Jared & I are giving in and calling the dog Billie after trying for at least a week of trying to hang on to Minnie. We still call her Minnie every once in a while but I think we're going to give in and officially change her name to Billie!
In this picture, Billie is playing in the "sea of leaves" at the Watkins' house and loving it!!

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Funderstorm said...

She's the CUTEST little thing and SO is KA. I can't believe that smile!...looks like her Mom!