Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Special Time with Daddy

Kati Ann's new favorite is Barney. We didn't really mean for that to happen but someone gave us several DVD's and we started showing them to her to see what she thought about them. We did Baby Einstein and a Christian one called "God Made Families". We even tried Blue's Clues but she was completely bored. But when we tried Barney it all changed. She sat completely still for an entire 5 minutes (that's a lifetime for an 11month old). Anyway, we now watch the same Barney Nursery Rhyme video over and over. She loves for us to sit by her and watch it with her. Her daddy is sweet to spend time watching Barney and Mother Goose sing nursery rhymes. It is just sad when we walk around the house with Nursery Rhymes stuck in our heads and Jared walks around whistling the tune!!

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