Friday, September 21, 2007

Cereal & Shots

So, we tried cereal last night and I couldn't believe how well it went. I expected that she would get really frustrated and that there would cereal everywhere. But its wasn't that bad. By the third time I brought the spoon to her mouth she was opening her mouth really wide for me to shovel some more in. She only woke up once during the night so I'd say that it worked. We'll give it another go tonight!

So, we just got back from her 4 month check up and the child (I know her name is Kati Ann) is HUGE!! She was completely off the charts. She weighed 15 lbs 11.5oz (89th percentile) & 25 3/4 inches (off the charts). What is so funny is that she's really not huge. She's still kinda skinny but solid. She got her shots so I'm guessing she's probably out for the rest of the day. They make her really tired.

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karendavison said...

Bobi Ann, she is so precious. I bet cereal was delicous to her. Funny how they surely do catch on fast. I love the blog idea, although I wish we could watch her grow up in person here. Keep us posted about all her growing up. We pray for you and Kati Ann and Jared in Japan. Let us know how he is doing. I think you are so brave to stay by yourself while he is gone. We love you. Aunt Karen